Does Sensa Work?

As with any new diet product, people struggling with weight loss really want to believe that this one, finally will work for them. But most people are also understandably skeptical, having probably spent a whole lot of money on products that did not do much for them. Now there is Sensa, and everyone wants to know: does Sensa work?

The answer is yes, Sensa does work. It does exactly what it was designed to do. But that is probably not the question you meant to ask. What you really want to know whether or not Sensa will cause you to lose weight. To that, the answer is probably. Is Sensa going to be worth the money you will be paying for it, the answer is it depends.  Sorry, but that is the best answer you can get. Don’t trust anyone who tries to convince you otherwise. Here’s why:

What Sensa Was Designed to Do

Sensa was actually created by a neurologist who understands the complex functioning of the human brain and how it relates to sensations of hunger and the psychological satisfaction experienced when we eat food. Dr. Alan Hirsch did not set out to create a get rich quick diet fad, rather, he came upon the idea for Sensa quite accidentally in the course of his work. Dr. Hirsch was reviewing reports of people who lost their sense of smell due to traumatic brain injury and noticed that many of them experienced weight gain after losing their sense of smell. This caused Dr. Hirsch to conduct a study to see if the introduction of more flavorful tastes and aromas could help people lose weight. Dr Hirsch presented his positive findings and conclusions at the 2008 Endocrine Society’s annual meeting, and this is what led to his developing the Sensa product.

Why Sensa Might Not Work Well for Some People

To lose weight, you cannot avoid the basic fact that you must burn more calories than you consume. If you throw logic out the window and believe that you can eat as much of what you want of whatever you want without exercising at all, then those little sprinkles are not going to help you.

Unfortunately most people have no idea at all what an appropriate serving size is of anything. Spaghetti? They load up a large dinner plate with the stuff and eat it so fast that it is all gone before the stomach even has time to register that it is full. Ice cream? A soup bowl filled to the brim is common, and it is consumed in front of the television, so that the brain isn’t able to properly register the satisfaction of the eating process. The truth is, a serving of spaghetti is just one cup, and serving of ice cream is the size of half a baseball. Sensa will not magically block the excessive calories you put on your plate and mindlessly consume in front of the television.

If you are the kind of person who is addicted to partying hardy a few nights a week, or knocking back a beer an inning during a ball game, or letting the wine flow during girls night out, then it could be that the majority of your excess calories are coming from alcohol and the food we instinctively reach for when our inhibitions are down. Sensa is not going to help in these situations. You need to find other ways to enjoy your time with friends, and possibly get treatment for alcohol addiction. Life- long drinkers are often shocked at how many calories go into the amount of booze it now takes just to get a little tipsy, and many people who give up drinking are stunned at how fast the weight comes off.

Why Sensa Might Work Well for You

If you have a moderate understanding of nutrition and an awareness of calories, or even if you understand what a portion size is supposed to look like (for example, a serving of protein should be the size of a deck of cards) then Sensa can help keep you happy with smaller meals and make you less likely to binge on excessive amounts.

If you are a foodie who enjoys a variety of sweet and savory tastes, then Sensa can help by bombarding your senses with taste explosions, making you feel like you have experienced more food than you have actually eaten and keeping you satisfied with less.

If you are the kind of person who “lives to eat,” Sensa can help you get the maximum enjoyment out of modest servings of  your favorite foods so that you feel like you have had enough and don’t go searching for something else to eat to “hit the spot.”

If you are an active person who exercises or enjoys physical activities with friends, or even if you just have hobbies that get you moving, then you are going to have better results with any diet product than a sedentary person will, especially when it comes to keeping the weight off after you lose it.

If you know yourself pretty well, and if you have strategies for dealing with diet busting situations such as holidays, parties, or meals in restaurants, then Sensa might be just the product you need to feel happy and satisfied during those “we eat because we want to be happy” events.

Bottom line: Sensa does work, but your mileage may vary.